Samuele Editore was created in 2008 in Pordenone, Italy, the northeastern city where Pordenonelegge, one of the most important Italian literary events, takes place each year. It also resides near the town of Casarsa, hometown of Pier Paolo Pasolini. The logo of Samuele Editore, that of a bee encircled by the motto, ‘Utile Dulci’, was resurrected from that of the publishing house Alvisopoli, founded in 1810 by Nicolò Bettoni. In its long history, the press published many important works such as, Le api panacridi in Alvisopoli, written for the son of Napoleon Bonaparte in 1811 by Vincenzo Monti, one of the greatest exponents of Italian Neoclassicism. The printing press ran until 1852, the year of its closure. Samuele Editore strives to uphold the same ideals and vision of that great literary period still living within the legacy of Nicolò Bettoni. The motto, ‘Utile Dulci’, is a segment taken from the Ars poetica, by Horace (13 BC): “Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci, Lectorem delectando pariterque monendo” – “He gains every vote he who mingles the useful with the agreeable, at once delighting and instructing the reader.” The quote resurfaces in the eighteenth century Italian Enlightenment as, “work and art are the foundation of a good life.” It is now the fundamental concept and continuous inspiration in the poetic research and publications of Samuele Editore. After only a brief period, Samuele Editore came to the attention of the Italian public by working alongside those at the forefront of poetry, journalism, as well as television. Thanks to the continuous promotion of events in Pordenone, Trieste, Rome, Venice, Milan, Turin, Naples, etc., its newsletter and blog, and widespread public recognition on all media fronts, including the largest poetry journal in Italy, Poesia, Samuele Editore is now one the most renowned publishers of poetry in Italy. In 2013, Samuele Editore opened an international department dedicated to poetic works in English translated into Italian, to be published and distributed in Italy and beyond. Nel santuario / In the Sanctuary, by English poet Patrick Williamson was the first book in this series and soon will be followed by Venti, by Vietnamese poet Nguyen Chi Trung. Samuele Editore is currently seeking book length poetry manuscripts from both well-known and emerging poets. It is with overwhelming conviction that we believe poetry can and must be the bridge between people, connecting experiences and lives, both creating and serving the culture of humanity.


For more information or to submit a manuscript, contact Rachel Slade